The best solutions don't just make it possible, or make it happen - they make it fly.

At Airbus Group, we pride ourselves on our ambition to deliver excellence in all we do.

Take part in our interactive scenario quiz and see if you can take a project from inception to creation and make it fly.

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Can you make it possible? Can you make it happen? Can you make it fly?

Answer the question after each video clip and build your story.

Your solutions will dictate if you have got what it takes to make it fly.

  • A Choose option A.
  • B Choose option B.
  • C Choose option C.

You are sitting in the weekly inter-departmental meeting, listening to everyone discuss their project statuses. A member says something which gives you an idea for a new project.

What do you do?

  • A Present this new idea whilst you are all together and try to inspire passion and involvement in your idea.
  • B Wait for when you are on your own to think about it, so you can listen to what your colleagues are saying.
  • C Make notes on the idea and sit on them for a later time.

You have brought up your idea and the response has been positive.

How do you proceed?

  • A Hurry back to your desk to work on a plan of action. No need to get anyone else involved.
  • B Arrange a meeting for later in the week to formalise your team. At the moment, you don't need any other people’s opinions.
  • C Ask if anyone wants to join the project team and draft an action plan whilst you are together. This way, different perspectives and ideas are heard.

You are talking to the designer of your project and she is showing you her designs.

Do you...

  • A Keep quiet and listen carefully to your colleague's overview.
  • B Examine the drawings whilst asking questions, suggesting how to use the work she has done to create great results together.
  • C Review the drawings and go back to your desk to work on another part of the project.

Whilst talking to your designer, the communications team member walks past.

What do you do?

  • A Let him carry on, he looks very preoccupied with his own work and you don't feel he has anything to add to this part of the project.
  • B Stop him to say hello, ask how his part of the project is going, and see if he wants to talk anything through.
  • C Invite him to join the discussion, asking him if he has any input and can bring a fresh perspective on the project drawings from his experience.

Midway through your project you are leading a presentation with your colleagues to gauge how development is going.

How do you manage the meeting?

  • A As project manager you take control and steer the conversation through the different areas of development. It’s your project so you dictate what is discussed at all times.
  • B Sit back and allow everyone else to have their input, keen not to appear domineering.
  • C Proactively encourage debate, trying to stimulate diversity of thought and focused conversation creating innovative and fresh ideas.

Your team includes a designer, an engineer, and a communications manager based in remote locations.

As project manager how do you approach this?

  • A Ensure that you stay updated via email and the odd conference call, making sure each team member is logging all of their processes.
  • B As the team leader you make it your duty to pro actively seek out your colleagues in their different work spaces helping you learn and progress together.
  • C You don't need to have the team working together. You’re sure the team members are happy to be left alone and that they don't need your thoughts or opinions.

You are running tests with your engineer and things haven’t gone as you would’ve expected,.The technology you have developed might not work.

What are your next steps?

  • A In your commitment to deliver product excellence, you and your team members review every step of development and see where you can make adjustments to make it happen.
  • B Thank your team for their hard work and passion, take what you have learned about your technology and the group dynamic into the next project.
  • C Examine how each person contributed to the project, reconsidering who to approach when choosing a team in the future.

The project has been a success.

What do you do?

  • A Congratulate the core team members individually as and when you see them around the office. No need to celebrate, you are just pleased it’s over.
  • B Invite the team to see the finished product so they can take pride in what they have achieved. You thank everyone that made this collective achievement happen, celebrating the company’s pioneering spirit.
  • C Send out an email thanking everyone involved for their hard work, and how much it was appreciated. You explain that the project was a great success and that you will thank them in person if you find time over the coming weeks.
  • Make it possible
  • Make it happen
  • Make it fly
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What we do can only be done together. We rely on each other, and teamwork is at the heart of everything we do.
We are proud of our ambition, and our commitment to delivering product excellence and customer satisfaction through advanced technology.
Development Opportunities
We thrive in a learning environment. Everyone at Airbus Group is a teacher and a student.
At Airbus Group we learn from our colleagues who come from different divisions and different countries. Mobility opportunities bring us together to learn from each other.
Quality of Working Life
We are inspired by each other’s knowledge and experiences. We foster a fun, friendly environment to encourage sharing and collaboration so we can thrive as individuals.
Diversity & Inclusion
We generate better ideas and better results through listening and building on the different perspectives of all our people, whatever their background and whoever they are.
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